Editorial: HHS Should Adopt School Uniforms

In 1999 and 2014 school year, the percentage of public schools that reported requiring students to wear uniforms increased from 12 to 20 percent, according to the National Center for Education statistics.

Public schools, such as Hershey High School, should consider implementing uniforms.

Many public schools are starting to enforce school uniforms for studies show it decreases bullying, improves attendance, increases test scores, and makes getting ready in the morning less time consuming.

Bullying is a prominent issue throughout the educational system, mainly due to judgement towards students’ appearances and the social groups that they are a part of. In today’s society, popularity is often determined by the clothing brands that people wear. Students without school uniforms are faced with the challenge of picking out a socially acceptable outfit every morning. By eliminating this constant struggle by enforcing a school uniform, an element of judgement that every student faces on a daily basis will be eliminated.

The National Survey of School Leaders shows that bullying went down 64% after school uniforms were put in place. Not only would bullying decrease, but students would not feel pressured to keep up with all the new trends, which would save money for families in the long run.

A study by the University of Houston found that elementary school girls’ language test scores increased by about three percentile points after uniforms were introduced. Introducing uniforms to schools can redirect students’ attention back to why they are in school, eduction. With less pressure on appearances students will have one less thing on their mind which will help with their focus in their studies.

Another benefit of school uniforms is the sense of community they bring to the school. In many schools and in society in general it is easy to point out differences in groups of people. Clothes can define people’s religion, social class, and wealth which often leads to separation of groups. Implementing school uniforms can knock down these barriers that often divide people, by giving students a sense of belonging.

If you wish to share your opinions and support regarding school uniforms, contact Hershey High School Superintendent Joseph McFarland.