Editorial: More Funding Needed for Global Humanitarian Crisis

Abbey Rogers, Copy Editor

It’s a slow, painful way to die. It’s even more painful for a mother to watch. Heba Ahmed worries for her son, Gawad, as food is so scarce that he weighs just 5.5 pounds.  At four months old, the boy is about a third underweight. The bombs are falling around them, but this mother’s only worry is getting food for her starving child.

On-going humanitarian crises around the globe demand greater funding.

The humanitarian crisis is impacting Heba Ahmed in Yemen. However, it is just one of the many on-going crises around the world that demand attention and funding.

Yemen was already the poorest country in the world before the civil war, according to Times Magazine. Yemen needs more than four billion dollars just to cover the humanitarian crisis. While Yemen may have the most extreme economic and health calamities, they are not alone.

From 2015 to 2017, those people having insecurities with food increased from 80 million to 124 million. However, another pressing issue is natural disasters that affect 350 million people and cost billions in damage, according to The New Humanitarian.  

In total, 131.7 million people are in need, and 21.9 billion dollars is required to relieve these crises, reports the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

However, the main culprit of these crises is war. Violence has increased in areas such as Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Sudan, making the goal of having healthy and happy citizens a tougher challenge. 

The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti, has been drudging through crises of their own. These are caused by the country’s economic mismanagement and charges of fraudulent elections that have caused violent protests, according to the Council on Foreign Relations

Since September, nearly 200 people were injured and at least 17 people have been killed from the riots in Haiti. Due to the current struggles in Haiti, people are immigrating to surrounding countries. 

A solution needs to be found in order to relieve the stress of thousands of immigrants fleeing their country to find refuge in nearby countries. Money would be the beginning to a fix, but it can be hard to get a hold of.

The Care Organization is an organization that supports the crisis by sending funds and visiting countries in need. The organization reports that, “Last year, CARE worked in 93 countries, reaching 63 million people through 950 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid programs.” Donations can be made at the CARE website in order to work towards the resolution of this pressing world issue.