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Explainer: Would dropping a huge chunk of ice into the sea help cooldown our Earth?

Kamalini Nagarajan, Reporter February 17, 2023 By now, perhaps you’ve admitted that the Earth is warming. Summers seem to be getting warmer and the amount of wildfires per year are increasing. So, how should we go about...

A Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant location on an early summer evening in West St. Paul, Minnesota. (Tony Webster/CC BY 2.0)

Explainer: What is Cancel Culture?

Lauren Cribbs and Caroline Glus March 30, 2021

Cancel culture.  What is it?  Where did the term come from?  What does it mean now?  Is it the end of nuance? Cancel Culture, according to, “refers...

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega star in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Each actor had only been in a handful of television and film projects prior to this film. (Lucasfilm)

Video explainer: Stage vs. Movie acting

Anna Callahan, Copy Editor March 26, 2021

Why is there such a noticeable difference between what we see on stage when compared with television or movie acting?

Photo by Olli Homann/CC BY-NC 2.0

Video explainer: Where do prisons come from?

Abigail Lee, Science and Technology Editor March 25, 2021

Mass incarceration is a defining feature of the United States. It’s one of the biggest problems we face, with 2.3 million people incarcerated in the U.S. Despite making up just 4% of the world population,...

Photo by Jason Matthews/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Explainer: What is a “vaccine passport,” and will I need one?

Keela Delves, News Editor March 19, 2021

With a recent increase in vaccination and availability, most U.S. adults may be able to receive a vaccination by summer 2021. Naturally, because of the vaccination timeline, people have begun to wonder...

Aerial footage of palm oil and the forest in Sentabai Village, West Kalimantan, 2017 (Nanang Sujana/CIFOR/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

Editorial: Palm Oil causing deforestation in rainforests

By Abbey Rogers March 10, 2021

Palm oil plantations cover more than 27 million hectares. To put this in perspective, New York City is 78 thousand hectares.  All this land cleared is pushing orangutans, Borneo elephants, and Sumatran...

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