Trojan Trendsetters


“Usually I describe my style as: looking like I’m about to go on a hike, but I’m not really going to go on that hike.” -Sarah Emenheiser, ‘16

By: Natalie Norman-Kehe

Whether it be the runways of New York Fashion Week or the hallways of Hershey High School, fashion is always there.

Style, the way people define the clothes they wear, is different from person to person. According to an interview last year with Kate Dimmock, the fashion director for People StyleWatch Magazine, the teenage years are an important time to figure out who you are.

“[Fashion] is such an essential tool to telling the rest of the world what you found out. [It] allows you to play around with that identity,” Dimmock said.  Although these HHS students may not be fashion designers, critics or stylists, they sure do have some pretty unique styles.