Editorial: Common Core Should Be Repealed

Eva Baker, Reporter

In 2012, the United States of America was ranked 30th in terms of mathematical literacy out of 65 countries and global education systems according to the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES). The educational system has been slipping in comparison to other countries. The Common Core Standard was created to improve the nation’s average of education, but ten years later the results have not been proven successful.

The Common Core standard is the United States’ attempt to create a uniform learning style across the country, increase the standard of our education in comparison with other countries, help students who struggle, and get students more prepared for college. 

This program does not say what is supposed to be taught, according to the Common Core website. Common Core standard only has benchmarks for where every student should be after each year of schooling. The teachers are still in charge. However, some teachers have found difficulties with the standards, according to the Center on Education Policy.

One of the issues found is that at the elementary level they are pushing kids too quickly and not starting at the basics. Another issue is that the rigorous work has had a negative impact on creativity and social development in the classroom. The teachers, according to the Center on Education Policy said that they have less time for learning activities that improve social-emotional skills and don’t have as many opportunities for creativity, especially in the younger grades.

An increasingly present gap from the best students to the lowest students again shows how the common core has failed. It is leaving students who struggle with learning behind, according to the Nation’s Report Card published by the U.S. Department of Education. 

Additionally, the Common Core standard is expensive with an estimated amount of 500 million dollars for the first year, according to a study by the Pioneer Institute, and even more to keep the program running. It was estimated that running the program for seven years, including price for teaching, technology, books, and the new supplies needed for the curriculum, would cost 15 billion dollars.

Even though the Common Core was created to uniform learning, this attempt fails in numerous locations. Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska, Indiana, Florida, and South Carolina are not using Common Core at all. Multiple other states are using it with revisions after the original version did not work.

If you are interested in improving education for everyone and repealing the Common Core, write to your Congressional representative