From Dance to Art, Jillian Goldstein Does it All with a Smile

Emma Russell, Reporter

“I have a big personality, so you should have a lot to write about,” said Jillian “Jill” Goldstein.

Each week, Goldstein, a Hershey High School freshman, spends many hours at class. Not her scheduled high school classes, dance class. Goldstein, even with her hectic schedule, manages to find time for her friends.

Goldstein dances at One Broadway Dance Center (OBDC) based in downtown Hershey for many hours every week. “I’ve been dancing for 12 and a half years,” Goldstein said.

As a three year old Goldstein started dancing. “My mom needed a place for me to go on Mondays that was near her work,” said Goldstein, “but I continued [to dance] because I felt really passionate and motivated to become an assistant.”

Acro, Theater Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Street Jazz, Ballet Technique, and Musical Theater are all of the classes Goldstein participates in during the school year. Some of Goldstein’s favorite styles of dance are, Hip Hop, Acro, and Lyrical.

Goldstein said she likes Hip Hop because, “I like the hard hitting, and confident feeling I get from a good Hip Hop dance and it does not require as much technique.” Hip Hop is a street-dance style that includes primarily quick, short movements.

Acro made Goldstein’s list of favorite classes because, “I was a gymnast so I like the tumbling aspect, and I like the flexibility training,” said Goldstein. Acro can be defined as a dance style that combines the classic dance techniques and acrobatic movements into a physically demanding artistic expression.

“I love a good dance especially when it is a powerful song, also I like using technique sometimes,” said Goldstein while expressing her love of the lyrical dance style. Other styles such as Modern, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, and Acro comprise Lyrical dance while keeping technique in mind.

Goldstein said she is at OBDC at least five hours every weekend during her dance season. Most of Goldstein’s free time is spent at her dance studio.

The week before the show a studio students are at rehearsals more often than the normal practice schedule. One weekend as her studio’s production, Tappin 2019, was rapidly approaching, “I was there for eight and a half hours,” Goldstein said.

According to Goldstein, she enjoys all of her dance classes. The amount of time she spends at her studio clearly shows this love of dance.

“My favorite part is performing and getting to feel gratitude after showing off my hard work,” said Goldstein.

Not only does Goldstein express her creativity through dance, she also is an artistic person as one of her friends Samantha Koegler said. “She [Goldstein] is super good at drawing and art,” Koegler said.

Goldstein enjoys taking housing and interior design as her art based class this year.

“I like to do art,” said Goldstein, “I like DIY projects, and I am always coming up with solutions to problems.”

Shan Wu, one of Goldstein’s oldest friend, said Goldstein is not only an artistic person, she is a very positive individual and is constantly cracking jokes with her friends. The pair have been friends for 11 years and they know each other well. As Wu said, the two are always having a great time.

Koegler concurs with Wu’s opinion of Goldstein, “She [Goldstein] is always super awake and energetic.” Goldstein is well known for her constant positivity, support, and energy. Even during the earliest periods of the school day, Goldstein is ready for her day as many of her friends know her. Wu, like most others of Goldstein’s friends, describes Goldstein as an all around great person.

Goldstein’s bubbly demeanor has gotten her far in life so far her protectiveness for her friends and her beliefs. “She [Goldstein] is always there to protect us,” Wu said. Most of Goldstein’s friends said Goldstein has always stood up for what she believes in, this is especially so for her friends.

Being the overprotective positive friend she is, Goldstein is also ready for anything that is thrown her way. “I always have everything in my bullet journal,” Goldstein said “and I always prepared for any occasion or situation.” Not only has Goldstein said she sees herself as an extremely organized person, her friend Koegler agrees.

Koegler said, “She [Goldstein] is a really good friend who is always there.”

Jillian Goldstein smiles for the camera in the Hershey High School cafeteria. Most of Goldstein’s free time is spent at her dance studio. (Broadcaster/ Emma Russell)