PTO Puts On Carnival at Hershey Elementary School

Kylie Dixon, Reporter

The Hershey Elementary PTO carnival was on Friday, May 10, 2019. Kids from kindergarten to fifth grade attended this event. (Broadcaster/Kylie Dixon)

The Hershey Elementary PTO hosted a carnival on Friday, May 10 for Hershey students in kindergarten to fifth grade.

Jenn Owsley, the volunteer coordinator, said, “The kids love seeing each other outside of the school day, they look forward to the games, basketball, the inflatables and getting to be active together and also the free food.”

Fifth grader Adriana Contreras said she was very excited for the middle school, but she will miss the carnival.  “Since it’s my last year here,” said Contreras, “it’s gonna be very happy for me and a little sad.”

Another student that attended the carnival, Elena Chappell, said, “Well, I like the stuffed animals, but they don’t have them this year.” The stuffed animals cart was removed from the carnival as prizes, but the PTO still collected them.

Elementary school PTO President, Sara Smith said, “They collected ones in excellent condition for Life Lion kids who have tramas.”

Something else new was that the carnival was held inside, now for two years in a row, when it is typically an outside event. Owsley said, “We decided to have the carnival inside again because the forecast called for rain, but we still wanted it to go on.”  

Owsley also said, “It’s cool how much of the school staff participates too; I think they like hanging out together.”