HHS Sophomore Becomes Involved in Local Musical Theatre

Abigail Lee, Reporter

Although she is only in high school, this student has big plans for the future.

Sophomore Jordan Lewis is involved in a multitude of performing ventures both in school and throughout the community. Starting from a young age, she took an interest into singing, dancing, and musical theatre. Recently, Lewis was in a production of Newsies, the musical.

From November 2 to November 18, 2018, the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg presented the Newsies. Lewis played two characters, Spot Conlon and Jojo.

“It was such a great experience working with a…professional theatre company and being around older actors who are more experienced and can pass on knowledge to me,” said Lewis.

She described how special it was to perform in an ensemble based show, and the positive influence it had on her. Others in the audience not only noticed this, but also distinguished Lewis among the cast.

A review from Broadway World said, “Lewis is mesmerizing on stage as a featured dancer in many of the group numbers. Her fellow castmates seem to feed on her energy, heightening the experience of the entire show for the audience.”

Along with Newsies, Lewis has done choir solos as well as other events throughout central PA. In the past, she has performed at the Inauguration of the Harrisburg Peace Promenade and Veteran’s Day celebrations.

Coming up in January, she will be featured at the Martin Luther King “DREAM” Showcase at the Forum. Lewis has sung at this event in previous years, including when Dr. King’s relatives were present.

Lewis started building her experience as a performer early on. She said, “I started taking voice lessons and taking it seriously probably going into fifth grade. My first show was [in] early elementary.”

Her passion for performing has led to her decision to pursue it as a career. There are many paths that could lead to Broadway, but Lewis considers official training an essential part of the process.

She said, “I think getting a degree is super important, especially in a profession where it’s kind of risky. I’d like to get a BFA in musical theatre.”

Lewis draws inspiration from several different performers. In the Broadway world, she looks up to Sutton Foster and Idina Menzel. Beyonce is also a source of admiration, as many around her know.

Whether Lewis performs locally or at larger events, she is just getting started.

Sophomore Jordan Lewis sings at a HHS concert on October 29, 2018. She sang the song “The Music That Makes Me Dance” written by Bob Merrill and Jule Styne. (Photo provided by Jordan Lewis)