Trojan Trading Post Sells Merriman Weare Classic Game Shirts

Leah Koppenhaver, Reporter

The Trojan Trading post has teamed up with the Hershey High School Hockey team to sell shirts for the 7th annual Merriam Weare Classic game.

Shirts cost $12 each and will be available for sale in each of the lunches starting Monday, December 3 or can be purchased online at The Trojan Trading Post.

The shirts will be orange, following the “orange out” theme set for the big game.

According to Mike Gustantino, Trojan Trading Post supervisor, “there’s not going to be as many shirts as there were for the Cocoa Bean Football game, so if you want a shirt make sure you get one as soon as you can.”

The game will be Friday, December 7 at Klick Lewis arena against cross town rivals Lower Dauphin. The puck drop is at 7:15, and admission is three dollars.

Hershey currently sits at the top of the Bears division with an undefeated 5-0 record, while the Falcons sit in fourth in the division with a 4-1 record.

The Merriam Weare Classic game was hosted outdoors last year and ended in a 4-4 tie.

Prior to last season, the Trojans have defeated Lower Dauphin in all five of the classic games since the tradition started in 2012.

The logo for the shirts being sold for the Merriam Weare classic game is pictured. This is the seventh year the game is being played. (Trojan Trading Post)