The Perfect Snack for Anytime of the Year

Elaina Joyner, Reporter

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Imaged above is a perfect example of classic waffle cheese fries. If you love cheese and fries, this combination is perfect for you so go out and give it a try. (Mindmatrix/CC BY 2.0)

At all times of the year this food is still a winner among all Americans.

National French Fry Day takes place on July 13th every year. French fries are perfect for hot summer days and even winter nights in December. Many have eaten the tasty fried food, but few know the history behind the french fries.

Many argue that the history of the food began in Spain, Italy or even Belgium, but no one is quite sure which one. French fries came to the US in 1802 and was served by Thomas Jefferson, according to Ed Worksheets. Jefferson called them “Potatoes, fried in the French manner.” He served them in the White house but most believed that potatoes were poisonous in this time so not many people would eat them.

According to Fox News, “Belgian fry lovers claim that they’re called “French fries” because all Belgian food is appropriated by the French.”

On the other hand, the French claim that street vendors on the Pont Neuf bridge were the first to sell them, in 1789. Finally, the Spanish claim that since they were the first European country to bring potatoes back from the New World, that they have a historical argument for inventing them.

National French Fry Day is all about celebrating the tasty food that has been brought to the US. To celebrate this holiday, get together with some friends and share a bowl of french fries. To add to the tasty snack, put some malt vinegar on them to give it a bitter, but sweet taste. Many people enjoy chili, Old Bay, pepper, or cheese on their fries to add to the taste.

When out with your friends, try a different style of fries each time. There is many different styles of french fries to choose from such as waffle cut, crinkle cut, curly fries, and old styled. Waffle cut fries are cut much wider and thinner than the average fry. They have holes in the middle and resemble a waffle. Crinkle cut fries are not straight but rather wavy. Curly fries look exactly like they are called, curly. Old styled fries are potatoes cut up and leaving some of the skin on the outside and then fried. There is still many different types of fries such as cheese fries, smiley face fries, steak fries, and cottage fries all with a unique look.

Although fries are tasty and potatoes are nutritious, there is many health concerns about consuming the heavy oil based food.

According to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), “acrylamide, potentially increases the risk of developing cancer for consumers in all age groups.”

By consuming french fries, it can increase the chance of getting cancer because of the acrylamide made from the oil being heated. Acrylamide is a chemical that forms in foods when they’re cooked by either frying, roasting or baking. To make the chemical a food needs sugars, amino acid called asparagine ,and hot temperatures. All which are involved in the making of a french fry. This makes the french fry ultimately lose all of its nutritious values.

While french fries are not healthy, they are one tasty treat to enjoy. On this national holiday take break and eat a bin of fries to your liking whether it is wavy. curly, or straight.