10 Doable New Year’s resolutions to add to your list

Ella Yurick, Editor in Chief

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the start of February. If you find yourself on this track, need to adjust your list, or just want to start a resolution you can finish, here are 10 attainable goals you can actually accomplish this year. 

  1. Drink a glass of water right after waking up

Not only does this practice rehydrate the body after a night’s rest, but drinking water as soon as you wake up will also boost energy levels. This is also an easy way to increase how much water you drink if you struggle with reaching the daily recommended amount.

  1. Give out a sincere compliment every day

A great way to bring positive energy into your life is by giving it to others. You never know who may need to hear something nice or how much a compliment may make a person’s day.

  1. Make weekly to-do lists

To keep yourself on track with larger tasks, make a to-do list. Seeing your tasks written down can help relieve the stress of focusing on everything at once, and it is great organizational practice. Also, who does not love the satisfying feeling of crossing something off a list? 

  1. Switch to reusable water bottles

An easy way to be more sustainable is to quit using plastic bottles and switch to a reusable one. There are lots of different styles and features available on many brands of water bottles, such as thermal insulation, built-in straws, and a variety of colors. 

  1. Wear sunscreen every day

A practice people typically forget to follow during the entire year is wearing sunscreen. No matter the temperature outside, protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays is always important. 

  1. Set an alarm for when you should go to sleep

If getting more sleep is one of your resolutions, but you are struggling with keeping up with it, try setting an alarm for bedtime. The alarm will help keep you on track, and may also motivate you to start your work at an earlier time in order to be ready for sleep by the time the alarm rings. 

  1. Try out new study methods

The next time you need to prepare for a test, try out one of the many study methods that are proven to make your learning more efficient. You may even discover one that fits you perfectly and allows for enjoyable and effective studying. Some methods to try are the Pomodoro Method, PQ4R, and the Feynman Technique.

  1. Try a new food

Experimenting with different foods can help you learn about other cultures without having to travel across the world. There are many ways to reach this resolution: trying a new ethnic restaurant, following a recipe online, or for picky eaters, choosing a different menu item from a frequently visited restaurant. 

  1. Walk when you can

The next time you have the option to either take the stairs or an escalator, opt for the stairs. The same goes for traveling to a local shop or finding an activity to pass some free time. Walking is a simple way to be more active and gives your mind time to rest.  

  1. Clean in small sections

Decluttering can be very overwhelming, which causes it to never happen. A nonstressful way to get your cleaning done is to break it down into smaller sections. For example, instead of setting an entire day to clean your whole house, tackle one room each day throughout the week. Better yet, cleaning as you go will allow one less ‘section’ to be worried about in the future.