Social Media is Beneficial


Ashley Bu, Reporter

Social media can be used on most devices, such as a phone. Many social media apps are also free. (Piqsels/​​CC0)

With around 72% of the American public using social media since its introduction in 1997, it is growing to become a very powerful tool.

Social media can be extremely advantageous when used wisely.

Information spreads at a much faster rate on social media. According to DataReportal, about 4.48 billion people in the world used some form of social media in 2021. Over time, information reaches its consumers, and they post or message others about it. For topics like local and major events, social media is crucial in spreading the word around.

Due to the amount of global users, it also increases the effectiveness of business marketing. Research from NewsCred shows that around 86% of people skip television advertisements, and 44% of people do not read their mail. With such a large amount of people on social media, advertisements can reach a broader audience.

Social media also allows easy communication with consumers in a timely manner. People can immediately get responses from their co-workers or acquaintances with the use of the internet. While a handwritten letter can take from a day to over a week to deliver, social media allows for instant messaging, even from the other side of the world. 

The use of social media can help people in need through online charities. The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ in 2014 raised over 115 million dollars for ALS research. If not for social media, the trend would not have gone viral and it would not have helped as many people who have the terminal disease. Social media can also educate others through online platforms. A study from Pew Research found that 23% of social media users changed their views due to something they saw through a platform. This can be seen through the widespread Black Lives Matter movement and the Uighur concentration camps.

GoFundMe is a platform that individuals can use to fundraise for a cause. The social media platform was able to raise over $250,000 for the children of Zohar and Gabi Ilinetsky, according to the New Yorker. Although deemed healthy at first, it was found that their twin children both had Canavan disease. They used GoFundMe to accept donations worldwide. “We need your help,” Gabi Ilinetsky wrote in several languages.

Social networks have a plethora of opportunities to instill creative, social or financial success throughout a community. One beneficial way to take advantage of these opportunities is by donating money to local causes through GoFundMe. 

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