Virtual learning is not beneficial to students

Emily Donegan, Reporter

Melina Mousoupetros, a guidance counselor at Hershey High School (HHS), reports that approximately 20% of students are taking part in complete virtual learning. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this year, Derry Township School District, along with many other school districts, are forced to get creative with the way education looks. Although, it is causing a much more stressful and less rewarding school year for virtual students. 

This new way of learning is causing chaos and a lack of learning in the education system. According to E-Student, “In many cases, the students are left to fend for themselves during their learning activities, without anyone constantly urging them on towards their learning goals.”

According to Damaria Wedderburn, a junior at HHS, she views this education method as having both positives and negatives. The flexible schedule is found as a comfort to Wedderburn; however, sitting in front of a screen for 80 minutes per class, and technical difficulties make the experience challenging. 

Social interaction with friends and teachers is a huge part of school. Many students miss this aspect of school, “I didn’t realize how much I would miss seeing people at school everyday,” said Wedderburn.

A.J. Dexhimer, a junior at HHS, expresses similar opinions. From Dexhimer’s viewpoint, his morning before school has become much less hectic, and he takes comfort in the fact that he does not have to worry about forgetting something that he needs for school at home.

Although he enjoys those aspects, he finds that his workload has increased tremendously. While being at home Dexhimer feels responsible for teaching himself material from his classes, so he is able to complete his assignments. This should not be the case for any student. Overall Dexhimer feels as though, “This experience feels like a headache, and I feel like I am learning a lot less.” 

Education is what allows us to continue to grow and progress as a society. Virtual learning is causing students an abundant amount of stress and weakening the tools that help them make the world a better place. 

Nelson Mandela, a former president of South Africa, reminds us that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It is crucial that we keep this message in mind in order to make sure all students feel that they are getting the education that they deserve this year.