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Voyager 1 Thrusters Fired After 37 Years

This undated file artist's rendering shows one of NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft. NASA says the long-running Voyager 1 spacecraft hurtling toward the edge of the solar system has reached another milestone. Since 2004, the unmanned probe has been exploring a region of space where the solar wind slows abruptly and crashes into the thin gas between stars. NASA said Monday that recent readings show the solar wind has slowed to zero, meaning the spacecraft is getting ever closer to the solar system's edge. (AP Photo/NASA, File)

Anna Levin, Reporter

January 3, 2018

The first man-made object ever to make it to interstellar space has been dormant for 37 years, until now. For the last 40 years, the Voyager 1 has been floating through space, communicating information back to NASA. With the use of thrusters, the spacecraft can be turned and oriented so that an ant...

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Voyager 1