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“This is My Brave” Pilots Teen Program in Hershey

Katie Jones, Brand Manager

October 16, 2019

Over 700 adults have shared their story, now it is time for teams to join the show. Mental health awareness non-profit, This is My Brave, will be piloting their first ever teenager based show at the Hershey Theatre on November 7th. This will also be new for Hershey, as it is the town’s first sh...

Social Media: What’s the Point?

Social Media: What’s the Point?

Molly Glus, Copy Editor

September 28, 2016

Snapchat. Twitter. Instagram. Kik. Facebook. Tinder. These are only a few names of the apps that have taken over the lives of this generation. Athletic. Attractive. Funny. Smart. Social. Perfect body. Interesting life. No flaws. It’s what is expected nowadays, to be the “perfect” teen...

Struggling With an Eating Disorder as a Teen

A poster reading “Coping With the Cards You Are Dealt” gives young people’s perspectives of coping and handling their disorders. It was worked on by a number of patients to reassure them that they have support and will get better in a matter of time. Taken on November 2, 2015 in the Briarcrest Adolescent Medicine.

February 8, 2016

By: Abby Shapiro High School may be the hardest years of one’s life before adulthood. “Jamey!  Over here,” calls out one of her best friends, Cassie.  An athletic, healthy girl sits down with her orange lunch tray loaded with food. It’s third lunch, and Jamey is famished. Cassie and...

School Should Start Later

January 24, 2016

By Omer Qureshi Teen anxiety, drowsiness, and laziness has been befuddling parents for years, but it has a very basic root. Sleep. Studies show that teens naturally go to bed very late yet our school system forces them to wake up the earliest. School start times should be pushed back to better a...

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