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HHS’ Dean Rogers Teaches with Heart, Laughs

Karen Liu, Reporter

August 13, 2019

“Every single day, someone does something and it makes me laugh, and that’s the best thing about teaching.” Dean Rogers, a teacher at Hershey High School (HHS), has an entertaining personality and is a respected teacher. Rogers attended West Point Military Academy after graduating f...

Ambler: Nerd, Cyclist, Dad: Jason Ambler Reaches New Heights at Hershey High School

Jason Ambler and his colleagues attended a program about mountain biking and how to get more kids on bikes last year. Ambler has enjoyed mountain biking his entire life, so this is a dream come true. (Jason Ambler)

Gina Roscoe, Reporter

June 3, 2019

Driving 45 minutes every day. Is it worth the drive? Missing time with family. “It’s all about chasing the experience,” for Hershey High School teacher Jason Ambler. Jason Ambler is a life sciences teacher, the chair of the Science Department, a leader in Science Olympiad, and is also apar...

HHS English Teachers Name Their Favorite Books

HHS English Teachers Name Their Favorite Books

Chris Santiago and Angelina Memmi

May 31, 2019

Almost everyone has that one book in their life that they can go back to again and again and reread with the same joy they had when they first read it. The thing we don’t think about however, is what books the teachers who help us understand literature enjoy to read.  English teachers help in our...

Teacher Profile: Lindsey Nester

Lindsey Nester, HHS English teacher, grades students work on April 4th, 2019. She has almost completed her first full year as a teacher at Hershey High School. (Broadcaster/Emily Massage)

Emily Massage and Keela Delves

April 10, 2019

Former athlete and collegiate coach is the newest member of the Hershey High’s English department. Lindsey Nester is a new teacher at Hershey High School. She was a student teacher at Hershey Middle School for 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Owens, for a semester. She now has a full time teaching position ...

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