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Spotify Updating, Expanding Both Free and Premium Options

Currently, the Spotify app looks like this with key features like its sleek black background and bright white text. Spotify hasn’t updated its design since 2014.  (Broadcaster/Anna Levin)

Anna Levin, HHS Kiss and Tell Co-Editor

May 15, 2018

Spotify’s upcoming update will expand the abilities of its free users, allowing them to listen to their favorite music more freely. For the first time since its release in 2014, the music streaming app Spotify will revamp not only its looks, but also the way it offers music to its users. Spotify...

Submitting music to Spotify

Artists can track their number of listeners and their most popular songs from the Stats tab. Spotify also shows where most people are listening from (Spotify).

Jack Goulet, Copy Editor

December 5, 2017

Artists from around the globe put their songs on the Internet every day. Sites like YouTube and Soundcloud provide a breeding ground for new, young talent to present their music to a wide audience. Whether or not their music is actually heard is another story. According to FortuneLords, some 300 hours o...

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