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Editorial: Social Media Increases Narcissism in Younger Generations

Adrianna Malena, Reporter

January 16, 2020

According to a study conducted by San Diego State University, narcissism among teens has doubled since 1982, from 15% to 30%.  Social media is the cause for this increase among generations in narcissistic tendencies. Professionals at Mayo Clinic, an academic medical center, describe narcissism as ...

Local Instagram influencer Lauren Gray shares her social media journey

Blogger Lauren Gray poses for a photo while drinking a pumpkin spice latte in Starbucks. Gray likes going to Starbucks to write blog posts because she feels it helps get the creative juices flowing. (Broadcaster/Ashlyn Weidman)

Ashlyn Weidman, Reporter

November 14, 2018

Social media influencer, Lauren Gray is just shy from hitting eleven thousand followers on Instagram. Gray, 22 years old, works at the Hershey Tanger Outlets at J.Crew as well as working on her Instagram and Blog. Since 2014, she has been working to grow her social media platforms, and she is starti...

Trump, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica Linked in Data Security Scandal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg looks down as a break is called during his testimony before a joint hearing of the Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, about the use of Facebook data to target American voters in the 2016 election. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Alex Elchev, Science and Technology Editor

May 24, 2018

The personal data of over 50 million Facebook users was mishandled in a massive political advertisement campaign. Facebook is by far the world’s most popular social media service, with 2.19 billion active users as of March 31, 2018. On March 17, 2018, the New York Times revealed how Cambridge Ana...

Editorial: phones are good for our brains and our language

Kieri Karpa, Head Layout Manager

April 25, 2018

As a teenager, the only consistent thing in my life is being told that texting is rotting my brain. But the truth is, texting is beneficial for cognitive function and language development. Texting has been found to help cognitive functions. According to Dr. Jim Taylor, a professor at the Universi...

Meet Tiara Willis: The Voice Fighting Against Inequality in the Makeup Industry

A post from Willis’ MakeupforWOC Instagram account, displaying the use of an illuminating product getting her stamp of approval. The account has many recommendations of foundations, bronzers, highlighters, and other products that have gained a positive reaction from Willis. (Makeup for Women of Color)

Molly Glus, Copy Editor

April 11, 2018

She felt discriminated against, so she decided to fight back. Tiara Willis is a sixteen year old who has taken the social media world by storm.   Willis has taken to Instagram and Twitter to discuss the inequalities in the makeup industry.  From production, company ownership, and even advertising, ...

Instagram users embrace fun, fake Instagram accounts

HHS junior Kaitlyn Kelley is pictured after dropping her smoothie in the middle of Target. The photo was posted on her finsta with the caption, “this is my life in a photo.” (Submitted by Kaitlyn Kelley)

Clare Canavan, Copy Editor

September 27, 2017

Forget about rinstas, finstas are taking over. As the pressure to be perfect on social media continues to grow, students at Hershey High School (HHS) use the world of fake Instagrams (finsta), rather than their real Instagrams (rinsta), to let them be themselves. According to several HHS students...

Social Media: What’s the Point?

Social Media: What’s the Point?

Molly Glus, Copy Editor

September 28, 2016

Snapchat. Twitter. Instagram. Kik. Facebook. Tinder. These are only a few names of the apps that have taken over the lives of this generation. Athletic. Attractive. Funny. Smart. Social. Perfect body. Interesting life. No flaws. It’s what is expected nowadays, to be the “perfect” teen...

The Addiction: Teenagers and Social Media

Palutis poses for a snapchat at Panera Bread in Hummelstown on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Palutis feels frustrated when people open her snapchats and do not reply.

March 10, 2016

By Marisa Balanda It is a typical school night for Hershey High School senior Ally Palutis. She and her friends from dance are out to dinner between classes, and Palutis finds herself obsessively refreshing her Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat feeds. Social media has transformed today’s genera...

Temptation of Technology

January 24, 2016

By: Lexie Corcoran When our parents went to school, the only distractions were doodling and passing notes. Most schools today use technology on a daily basis. It allows for students to access the world at just click of a button. Though it can be useful, it creates a world of distractions for students;...

Evolution of Technology Use in Class

Bella D'Adderio, right, sophomore at HHS and Burston-Green, left, are in the library at HHS  Friday, Sep. 25, 2015. D'Adderio helped Burston-Green make online flashcards of her Acedemic Literacy vocab list.

January 22, 2016

By Julia Michaelson It is everywhere and evolving fast. Technology is improving all around the world. Hershey High School (HHS) is a school moving towards a more technology based learning style. Almost all the students are using it in classes. Since most jobs are moving towards this use, it gives...

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