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Pride Month moves online in virtual event due to pandemic

Pictured is the Stonewall Inn during Pride Week in 2017.  The Stonewall Riot was a pivotal moment in LGBT+ history.  (Victoria Pickering/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Anna Callahan and Talon Smith

June 1, 2020

Annually, the month of June is marked by LGBT+ pride parades and events in honor of the community’s past and present struggles. This year, however, COVID-19 casts an ominous shadow over this historic tradition. According to the Washington Post, “more than 475 Pride events have been canceled or p...

Trump administration considering erasing transgenderism via definition change

Talon Smith, Reporter

December 5, 2018

The Trump administration is considering defining gender as a biological and unchangeable condition determined by genetics and genitalia at birth, according to The New York Times. This change would effectively erase transgenderism in the eyes of the law. It would remove all legal protections on transgender and...

Gay Straight Alliance Club Celebrates 10 Years at HHS

Micah and Mayah MacColl Nicholson are at the Dickinson Student Leadership Summit this past March. The Summit has participants from all across central Pennsylvania coming together to support LGBTQ+ issues. (Submitted by Mayah MacColl Nicholson)

Alexis Moodie, Layout Editor

March 27, 2018

It is the 10th year of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at Hershey High School. The GSA is a club that allows students an open space to discuss LGBTQ+ topics. The GSA was originally started ten years ago by the learning support teacher, Linda Krayeski. Today, the GSA is run by Daniel Fornataro and Emily Reinert, both teachers at Hershey. They meet before and aft...

The Stonewall Riots Celebrate its 45th Anniversary this June 28

One of 50,000 marchers carries a sign during New York’s annual Gay Pride Day parade, June 28, 1981. The parade, which commemorated the 12th anniversary of the Stonewall riot, moved up Fifth Avenue to a rally in Central Park. (AP Photo/G. Paul Burnett)

Abby Shapiro, Managing Editor

June 28, 2017

The infamous Stonewall Riots will be celebrating its 48th birthday this June. The Stonewall Riots were a series of violent demonstrations by members of the LGBT community when the Stonewall Inn, an openly gay establishment, was raided by police on June 28, 1969. The Inn was raided for housing ...

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