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Is Favilavir a Miracle Antiviral?

Pictured is an infographic developed by the FDA to explain the drug approval process.  Favilavir has not yet been approved for widespread use for COVID-19.  (US Food and Drug Administration)

Eva Baker, Reporter

April 28, 2020

Favilavir is an antiviral drug used in China and Japan to treat influenza. It was also approved for treating COVID-19 by China’s National Medical Products Administration.  But is it a short-term solution to fight COVID-19 while a vaccine is developed? Favilavir is allegedly able to go through i...

Top 5 Anime TV Shows

Top 5 Anime TV Shows

Daniella Minoso, Reporter

February 21, 2017

Anime is any type of japanese animation. For those new to anime, venturing into this genre can be daunting with the seemingly endless lists of TV shows. This list should aid you in choosing what anime you want to watch. *This list isn’t in any specific order, they are just some of the best show fo...

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