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Editorial: History Curriculum Should Be More Inclusive

Talon Smith, Reporter

May 28, 2019

The academic standards in Pennsylvania, according to § 4.12. of the Public School Code of 1949, say history includes the, “[...] interactions of culture, race and ideas; the nature of prejudice [...]” The law requires the teaching of interactions between cultures and races as well as the nat...

Hersheypark Celebrates 112th Birthday

Pictured is an overview of Hersheypark taken on April 26th, 2018. The wooden roller coaster pictured at bottom is the Wildcat, a newer copy of the original. (Broadcaster/Elena Lee)

Joshua Gearhart, Reporter

May 14, 2018

After 112 years it is still going strong. This summer Hersheypark will celebrate its 112th birthday on May 30, 2018. Hersheypark did not start as an amusement park, but instead it was a community park when it opened on May 30, 1906. According to the Hershey Historical Society, “Milton Hersh...

Broadcaster Wraps Second Year Online In Style

The members of the 2016-17 Broadcaster pose for a picture before Community Day on October 7, 2016.  The Broadcaster staff published over 20 stories about the sessions on the second annual Community Day (Broadcaster/ Robert Sterner).

Robert Sterner, Advisor

June 6, 2017

Two years ago The Broadcaster began a new chapter.  We moved from a print-centric publication to a digital-first one.  It has been a difficult but rewarding transition. When I was asked to take over The Broadcaster from Mr. Brown who had guided the publication for several years very capably, my...

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Fans cheer in the Harrisburg Senators ballpark located on City Island. (Photo courtesy of the Harrisburg Senators.)

July 4, 2016

By: Cara McErlean Nothing screams “America” more than hotdogs and fireworks. The 4th of July is a day to celebrate our nation’s birth, remember our history, and honor our military. The holiday commemorates the day our 13 original colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence and began...

Faith and Strength Through Adversity: Helen Keller’s Legacy

Author and humanitarian Helen Keller, who is deaf and blind since childhood, is shown during her documentary film,

June 21, 2016

By: Echo Rogers Imagine a world with nothing to hear and nothing to see- this was Helen Keller’s world. Keller’s story began on June 21, 1880: the day she was born. Keller was born a healthy, happy baby to a well-educated mother and a father who was a retired Confederate Army captain. ...

HHS Celebrates Father’s Day

A sign advertises Father's Day gifts as a shopper buys building materials in the background at Atlanta Home Depot store Thursday, June 8 , 2006. The home improvement giant is among other major retailer who are placing more emphasis on Father's Day. This year, dads are battling it out with moms for their share of disposable dollars. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

June 19, 2016

By: Madison Held Sigmund Freud, father of psychology, put it best, "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." Father’s day is a national holiday celebrated by those all over the world who wish to give thanks to all the father figures in their life...

HHS Teachers Teach For the Kids

HHS Teachers Teach For the Kids

January 22, 2016

By Lynn Dang Exchanging adventure and excitement for stress and overtime work can be seen as crazy to most people. For some college graduates, they know what to do right after college. Others must go through years before finding the right career. Hershey High School teachers Angela Grabuloff, Elizabeth...

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