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Then and Now

Elaina Joyner, Reporter

May 23, 2019

Then & Now with Jacob Ely Senior Jacob Ely moved from Lakewood Ranch, Florida to Hershey the summer before his fifth grade. Ely has played multiple sports since moving to Hershey because he wanted to try out new things. “Since moving, I have played soccer and ran cross country,” said El...

Three of a Kind: Freshman Anna Coulter Balances, Excels at Three High School Sports

Anna Coulter, a freshman, poses for a picture on Friday May, 17, 2019. She played volleyball, basketball, and softball for the high school this past year. (Broadcaster/Samantha Andrews)

Samantha Andrews, Reporter

May 21, 2019

Swoosh, swing, spike. Volleyball, basketball, and softball are all different and very complex sports. They are all very taxing and require a lot of practice in order to excel at them. It would be very difficult to play all three of them; however, not for Anna Coulter. She not only plays all three o...

Inside the Mind of a Goalie: Freshman Noah Amato Adjusts to Life as the JV Lacrosse Goalie

Noah Amato runs the ball up field during a junior varsity lacrosse game. He has been playing lacrosse since age eleven. (Broadcaster/Julia Grenoble)

Julia Grenoble, Reporter

May 21, 2019

Standing all alone in the goal, trying not to let the entire team down. The goalie has a big responsibility, and can be nerve-racking for a new player. Noah Amato, Hershey High School (HHS) freshman, is the junior varsity goalie for Hershey’s boys lacrosse team. He faces the struggles and hardshi...

The Road Back: Freshman Caroline Glus Recovers from Hip Injury

Freshman Caroline Glus smiles for the camera on Thursday, April 25, 2019. Glus is recovering from hip surgery on her labruml. (Broadcaster/Lauren Cribbs)

Lauren Cribbs, Reporter

May 17, 2019

Freshman at HHS, was faced with a life-changing experience, and it impacted her freshman  lacrosse season. Caroline Glus, a freshman at Hershey High School, suffered through a labrum tear. The labrum is a piece of cartilage that surrounds the outside rim of the socket of a hip joint. It helps to ho...

Freshman Congress Set To Shake Things Up

Sophia DeDonatis, Reporter

February 4, 2019

The 2018 midterm elections, held on November 6, were very highly anticipated in wake of the 2016 Presidential election that rocked the nation. That excitement was well deserved considering how the midterms not only flipped the house, but also made history. Now the buzz has been renewed following the ...

Then and Now with Drew Colman

Drew Colman, freshman, poses for a photo with his fellow Saint Joan of Arc teammates after winning a basketball game. Colman has been playing basketball since he was four and plans to play in college. He will play basketball this year for the high school for the first time.  (Submitted by Drew Colman, Broadcaster/Elaina Joyner)

Elaina Joyner, Reporter

October 25, 2018

Drew Colman, freshman, has been playing basketball since the young age of four. Colman remembers his favorite game was when he scored all 20 points of his team’s points. The photo to the left was taken after a winning game at Cumberland Valley High school when Colman was eight. Colman was pl...

Freshmen Adjustments to HHS

Michael Cronin, ninth grade, ecstatic to get a break from his normal daily soccer practice from three to five, rides the bus home after school. Cronin spends an average of two hours working on homework each night. (Broadcaster/Claire Strucko)

Claire Strucko, Copy Editor

October 25, 2017

Change can be difficult. With a new school year can come big adjustments; one of those adjustments is the transition from the middle school to the high school. As the 2017-2018 school year starts, the class of 2021 will start their freshman year at Hershey High School (HHS). “The most noticeable...

Freshman face high school fears

Hershey High School students leave seventh period after a long day of school on September 14, 2016. The busy time at end of the day was a difficult time to navigate the school hallways. (Broadcaster/Mallory Drayer).

Elizabeth Newman, Reporter

September 21, 2016

Finally in the high school. The only problem is you can’t figure out where to go. Figuring out where to go in the high school can be difficult, especially for a freshman. Many ninth graders are nervous about finding their way around or having class with upperclassmen. Seniors have advice for thos...

Frequently Asked Questions- Keystone Exam Edition

Dr. Stacy Winslow, Derry Township School District’s Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, visits the Pennsylvania Department of Education website in the HHS library on Thursday, March 10th, 2016. Winslow recognizes the public’s pushback on standardized testing.

March 31, 2016

By: Marisa Balanda Governor Tom Wolf recently signed legislation that delayed the graduation requirement for the Keystone Exam for two years. To learn more about this change, The Broadcaster spoke with Dr. Stacy Winslow, Derry Township School District’s Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum,...

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