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COVID-19 Lockdowns also Help Environment Say Scientists

Lauren Cribbs and Caroline Glus

May 12, 2020

The coronavirus has impacted most lives in the United States and other countries around the world with issued lockdowns. Being stuck at home due to stay-at-home orders, where the only time you can leave the house is for essicial reasons can be a downer, but not all bad has come from it. The environme...

A New Environmental Club Begins at HHS

HHS LEAF Club pose for the camera with their fundraiser lollipops. The club sold 100 lollipops to better the environment. (HHS LEAF Club)

Eva Baker, Reporter

December 10, 2019

“I think it’s really important to start an environmental club,” sophomore Irena Potochny said. Potochny’s idea came to life in the fall of 2019 when she became the co-president of HHS LEAF Club, the new environmental club. The original environmental club, supervised by science teacher Stephen New...

Editorial: Schools Should Teach More About the Environment

Emma Taylor, Reporter

May 22, 2019

Cars, factories, and farms. Most people see these things around all of the time and don’t think about it. However they should because it is hurting our environment. All of those things are causing pollution in many different ways. US schools should teach more about the environment. Learning ...

Editorial: Plastic Straws are Not Safe for the Environment

Lauren Cribbs, Reporter

May 17, 2019

Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States and it is predicted that 8.3 billion straws are covering the beaches around the world. Straws are causing deaths to many sea life creatures in the oceans. Plastic pollution today is a catastrophic issue that is increasing...

Earth Day’s 48th anniversary celebrated

Hershey High School students are being pushed to save the planet by using reusable water bottles instead of typical plastic ones. The Earth Day celebration this year focused on fighting to end the use of plastic that is damaging to the environment. (Broadcaster/Anna Levin)

Anna Levin, HHS Kiss and Tell Co-Editor

April 22, 2018

Sunday, April 22 marks the 48th anniversary of the Earth Day celebration. Earth Day is an environmental movement started to fight air pollution created during the Vietnam war, according to the Earth Day Network (EDN). The founder, Senator Gaylord Nelson, thought of the idea after witnessing the...

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