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Editorial: High Schools Must Promote Reading More

Angelina Memmi, Head News Editor

November 11, 2019

Look back to elementary school. There was reading time in many classrooms, trips to the library, and the Scholastic Book Fair. Reading was not only encouraged as an important learning tool, but as a fun pastime. However, as students venture into secondary school, reading seems to be forgotten. Leisure ...

HHS English Teachers Name Their Favorite Books

HHS English Teachers Name Their Favorite Books

Chris Santiago and Angelina Memmi

May 31, 2019

Almost everyone has that one book in their life that they can go back to again and again and reread with the same joy they had when they first read it. The thing we don’t think about however, is what books the teachers who help us understand literature enjoy to read.  English teachers help in our...

Hershey Public Library Announces Edible Book Contest

A Prisoner of Azkaban cake by Samantha Tate is pictured on Friday, October 26. Tate was voted the winner of the Most Creative/Original category of the contest.

Elena Lee, Reporter

October 29, 2018

The Hershey Public Library will be hosting an edible book contest as part of National Friends of the Library Week on Friday, October 26. The contest began last year with individuals, groups, or organizations being able to enter a homemade, literature inspired baked creation into the contest. T...

Great Books to Read During Summer Vacation

The cover of Starry eyes features the two main characters trying to stay warm in the dark wilderness. This humorous story will be a great companion to any summer trip. (via Amazon)

Angelina Memmi, Layout

June 16, 2018

It’s easy to transport yourself there. The smooth, brisk water glides over your feet every few seconds as the sun warms your body. You sit with your favorite refreshing drink in hand, but something is missing: the ideal book for this moment. The books in the list below may match perfectly with your summer...

The Five Most Anticipated Books of April

The cover of Adrienne Young’s new novel features the main character Eelyn. Author Young stated this novel is a stand alone. There are plans for a companion book in 2019. (Wednesday Books)

Angelina Memmi, Layout

April 17, 2018

April promises to bring flowers and warmer weather, but it will also bring the bloom of some of the most anticipated young adult novels of 2018. Get to know these popular books before they are released. Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young This fantasy novel follows the story of 17-year-old Eelyn as she...

HHS Library Announces Top Borrowed Books

Angelina Memmi and Natalie Taylor

March 27, 2018

The Hershey High School Library is a popular place for students to hang out with their friends,  get work done, and check out their favorite books. These are the top five books HHS students have checked out over certain time periods. These books are ranked depending on when they were published, how l...

The Bigger the Backpack

Photo courtesy of Nike

Jack Goulet, Reporter

December 19, 2016

A long walk to school with all of his textbooks. This high school student’s daily exercise puts a lot of unnecessary weight on his shoulders. Drayer Physical Therapy discusses the good and bad aspects of carrying a bag every day, and if it’s possible to cut-down on the bad while still using the bag f...

Hershey Public Library Hosts Local Author Festival

Stephen J. Kozan speaks to adults and children during the Local Arts Festival on April 2, 2016. His message was to show kids that writing is something anyone can do if they just go for it. His works include The Journey of a Lifetime and The Great Green Tree and The Magical Ladders.  (Broadcaster/Jenny Kim)

Jenny Kim, Reporter

April 13, 2016

By: Jenny Kim A new and innovative idea had just transpired at the Hershey Public Library. The Hershey Public Library hosted its first ever Local Authors Festival on Saturday, April 2, 2016. The event brought around 40 authors from the local area together to talk and present about their written...

Movie Review: The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Courtesy of  Lionsgate

April 7, 2016

By: Shanna Sweitzer Faction before blood: a principle that this dystopian world lives by. The movie adaption of The Divergent Series, originally a young adult book written by Veronica Roth, follows a teenage girl discovering who she is in a society that does nothing but label you. Thought to hav...

Nexus Welcomes Guest Speaker: Author Kelly Long

Long described the financial aspect of living as a career author, saying it is difficult but doable

March 1, 2016

By: Cara McErlean The intricate world of book publishing can be confusing to navigate, especially for young authors. This Monday, February 22nd, author Kelly Long visited the young writers of Hershey High School’s literary and arts magazine, Nexus. Long, who has had about 50 books published w...

14 Things To Do If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

The Tanger Outlets in Hershey, PA is home to many designer stores like Coach and Nautica.

Photo Courtesy of

February 15, 2016

By: Shanna Sweitzer It’s a special day to love your significant other: Valentine’s Day. But what do you do if you’re solo this holiday? Being single is being free of commitment and free to focus on yourself. These tips are sure to spark an idea in your mind that will make you feel good to be...

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