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Editorial: Zoos are nothing but animal prisons

Keela Delves and Emily Massage

May 29, 2019

Whether it be for a school trip or for pure enjoyment, many people are familiar with zoos. Many zoos have the connotation of being a fun place to observe animals that you might never see otherwise. What people don’t realize is that by taking these animals from their habitat and putting them in ca...

Editorial: Concerning lack of women in STEM

Anna Callahan, Reporter

May 29, 2019

In science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related jobs the amount of women is shockingly low. According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, in the US girls account for more than half of all Advanced Placement (AP) test-takers, yet boys outnumber girls 4:1 in computer science exams. And in college women mak...

Editorial: Abstinence-Only Education Doesn’t Work

Talon Smith, Reporter

May 29, 2019

Abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method of birth control, said my health teacher during my freshman year. However effective abstinence may be at preventing pregnancy, it won’t work as long as people want to have sex. Schools should teach medically accurate and comprehensive sexual educat...

Editorial: All internships Should Be Paid

Abigail Lee, Reporter

May 29, 2019

Every year, 500,000 to 1 million people work as unpaid interns in the US. A variety of reasons are behind this decision like the promise of a future position at the company they’re interning. However, many unpaid internships statistically hold no guarantee for the future and feed into the class divisio...

Editorial: Caster Semenya’s Natural Ability Should be Celebrated, Not Restricted

Olivia Bratton, Editorial Editor

May 29, 2019

Upon hearing the name Caster Semenya, admirers across the world should appreciate the South African runner’s ability to perform spectacularly at multiple olympics and fulfill her role as a powerful female athlete. Instead, recent speculations surrounding Semenya’s naturally high levels of testos...

Editorial: History Curriculum Should Be More Inclusive

Talon Smith, Reporter

May 28, 2019

The academic standards in Pennsylvania, according to § 4.12. of the Public School Code of 1949, say history includes the, “[...] interactions of culture, race and ideas; the nature of prejudice [...]” The law requires the teaching of interactions between cultures and races as well as the nat...

Editorial: Brandy Melville should not be one size fits all

Ashlyn Weidman, Reporter

May 28, 2019

Brandy Melville is a teen clothing store known for having trendy clothing that teenagers love to wear. The main thing that differentiates Brandy Melville from other stores is that buyers are expected to fit into the store’s one clothing size. Brandy Melville should not be one size fits all, and they ...

Editorial: Raise the Legal Drinking Age to 25

Alina Zang, Reporter

May 27, 2019

88,000.  Every year 88,000 people die preventable deaths. These preventable deaths are all the product of alcohol, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This excessive amount of dangerous alcohol use is evidently caused by addiction to the drink, which researchers have fo...

Editorial: Teens feel social media pressures to be perfect

Caroline Glus, Reporter

May 27, 2019

Approximately 80% of U.S. women don’t like how they look. Social media has become a new problem in this day and age primarily with teenage girls. The pressure to constantly look perfect with social media presence is a new issue of body image issues that we need to better understand. Because of socie...

Editorial: Sixteen is too young to vote

Lauryn Postupak, Reporter

May 26, 2019

Should Americans of the age sixteen years or older be given the responsibility of being a voting member of society? The University of Pittsburgh found teens are more likely to take big risks because they are more accepting of unknown consequences. In the experiment 65 people between the age of 12 and 5...

Editorial: Charter schools need stronger regulation

Adrianna Malena, Reporter

May 24, 2019

About 24% of charter schools rapidly close due to mismanagement, and even more are turned into a business opportunity for the profit organizations that run them. In the future, these Charter schools should be regulated in a way that each student receives a proper education. Charter schools such...

Editorial: High Schools Should Eliminate Finals

Caroline Corcoran, Reporter

May 24, 2019

Teenagers have many pressures in school, one of them being finals. The week filled of tests in almost every class can be extremely overwhelming for many students. Because of the resulting stress and the fact that understanding the material is more important than a test score, schools should consider ...

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