Editorial: Brandy Melville should not be one size fits all

Ashlyn Weidman, Reporter

Brandy Melville is a teen clothing store known for having trendy clothing that teenagers love to wear. The main thing that differentiates Brandy Melville from other stores is that buyers are expected to fit into the store’s one clothing size. Brandy Melville should not be one size fits all, and they should not only celebrate one body type for girls.

“With almost 50 stores worldwide and a booming e-commerce site, the Italian-based retailer has popularized the “Brandy Girl” image” said Refinery29. The “Brandy Girl” Brandy Melville promotes is a size XS-M, and fits only teens with certain body types. This causes a lot of insecurities for young girls since Brandy is a popular store promoting that girls have to look a certain way to wear their clothes.

Buzzfeed conducted an experiment where they had women of all body types try on certain pieces from Brandy Melvilles collection. When one women, Kristen, was trying on a skirt she said, “This literally would not have fit me as an 8-year-old. I don’t know how anyone fits into this.” This is only one of many views regarding that Brandy’s sizes are non-inclusive.

Another women named Allison from the buzzfeed survey said the clothes were “Made for Barbie.” Many people agree with this statement because the “Brandy Girl” look is similar to the look of the classic Barbie doll.

Many teenagers have expressed their concern with Brandy’s one size fits all moto through YouTube videos and blog posts.

On YouTube under “Brandy Melville one size fits all” hundreds of videos come up of girls trying on brandy clothes and comparing their sizes. In one video by YouTuber Sierra Schultzzie, she went into Brandy Melville with her friend who was a size 2 and showed how the clothes looked on her compared to herself who was a size 12. Schultzzie said before even walking into the store, “I feel like their whole messaging just kinda makes me feel a little bit insecure.” The video has over 1.4 million views.

Jaime Vanlee is another girl who expressed concern about Brandy Melville’s sizing, but this time it was shown through a blog post. Vanlee gave some background knowledge about where Brandy Melville came from, but then went into the one size fits all aspect. Vanlee said,“The exclusive clothing size shut off a lot of potential customers, hence, Brandy is considered a niche brand.” Since Brandy Melville is a niche brand many girls strive to fit into Brandy’s clothing, even if the one size they sell doesn’t fit them.

Brandy Melville needs to start selling more sizes of their clothing, so that way young girls won’t be insecure about not fitting into their clothes. To make this happen go to the customer service section on Brandy Melville’s website and call or email them with the contact information listed on the page.