Extracurriculars Have Value in College Applications Say Students

Riley Manjerovic, Reporter

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Sports, clubs, internships, and clubs all bear the definite value for college applicants.

Students at Hershey High School and neighboring Palmyra High School said participating in extracurriculars definitely helped them in their college application process.  Having sports, clubs and other activities on the application were worth the time and effort.

Many people might think they don’t have any extracurriculars  but you most likely have some and just don’t know it. According to Prep Scholar,  “If you can think of anything that you have spent a significant amount of time doing for a worthwhile reason, it can probably be counted as an extracurricular activity.”

Senior Emma Kalmbacher said although she is not super involved at the school, she has multiple activities out of school.  Kalmbacher is involved in dance at a local dance studio, her church, and also has a job. She said the experiences of these activities helped her gain knowledge and insight that she can use for her future at Messiah College.

Some sports were the golden ticket.  Palmyra High School senior Noah Reitz said soccer has helped him to gain strength, confidence, and the experience to help him get into the college he wanted. Teamwork was the key to learning these aspects.  Additionally, Reitz said he has always been passionate about soccer, and that passion helped him get into West Virginia University.

Hershey senior Shaylin Gilbert is involved in in-school activities and out of school. She plays volleyball for the school and also has a job that keeps her very busy. She said she believes being involved helped her gain admission to the college of her choice which is West Chester University.

The Hershey Soccer and Lacrosse programs and even the Gardening Club have helped HHS senior Alexei King. These activities keep King very busy after school and takes up most of his time. However, he does not regret participating in them because it helped him grow into a better person and get into a better college.