Democrats Sweep HHS Mid-Term Election Straw Poll

Ethan Sniderman, Reporter

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The Broadcaster conducted an unofficial opinion poll to determine how the students of Hershey High School would theoretically vote in the 2018 November midterms during the first week of October 2018.

Out of 1200 students at Hershey High School, we collected responses from 127 students. The margin of error for each race was 5 percent, and the winner is in bold for each race.

Gubernatorial Race:


  • Tom Wolf (Democrat): 72.4%


  • Scott Wagner (Republican): 25.2%
  • Third Party: 2.4%  

Lieutenant Governor:


  • John Fetterman (Democrat): 56.7%


  • Jeff Bartos (Republican): 38.6%
  • Third Party: 4.7%

United States Senate:


  • Bob Casey (Democrat): 64.6%


  • Lou Bartella (Republican): 30.7%
  • Third Party: 4.7%

United States House of Representatives:


  • George Scott (Democrat): 60.6%


  • Scott Perry (Republican): 34.6%
  • Third Party: 4.7%

Pennsylvania General Assembly Seat:


  • Jill Linta (Democrat): 55.1%


  • Thomas Mehaffie III (Republican):  39.4%
  • Third Party: 5.5%