Technology Overuse

By Elma Abdic

In today’s digital world, technology uses with cellphones have exceeded to the highest maximal use according to studies from TIME. Cell phones may be entertaining and a great use for positive uses of communication, but could result in negative consequences.

Social media are forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content according to Merriam-Webster.

Technology overuse is a common example of how why student’s learning ability is altered. The phone addiction results on an impact in the brain and behaviour of an individual according to NY TIMES. While much of the society uses their devices like this, they can dispense a great distraction that show they are more interested in their phones than what really is going on in the real world. People are affected because although they are socially connected, they lack the attention in regards to school and such. People are encouraged to be public about their personal lives and in the light of the fact that certain things about themselves can easily be posted. Due to the fact of this kind of addiction, at most times, can affect a majority of teens who neglect networking sites and the need of face-to-face interaction. For that reason, people experience withdrawal.

An identified issue that seems to be common is the negative impact on a person’s education. Experts which create a wide distance between communication.

Social networking sites like these bring people together from across the net. But they bring negative issues such as isolation, cyberbullying and an emotional willing towards technology. According to survey conducted by New Media, by researchers concluding that 12% users use technology for important matters, 9% who share photos, and 9% who use messaging and other forms of communication. Because of the fact that these consequences are occurring, experts have drawn the attention to social isolation and how it can lead to a various amount of mental and emotional problems such as anger and distress. These type of challenges can face a long term fallout such as a decrease in brain activity.

According to the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine, animal studies showed that phone addiction may be one of the causes of social isolation impaired brain hormones, which is the likely reason why people experience tremendous levels of stress, aggression, anxiety, and other mental issues.