No Gym Class for Student-Athletes at HHS

By Brandon Hill

It’s game day, you have a big game against your arch – rival. As you go on with your day you notice that you have gym class. Here at Hershey High School all student-athletes are required to participate .

Student-athletes should not have to participate on game day. Students should not have to because they should save their energy for their games. I feel this way because students have are expected to give their full effort and after their gym class. I feel this way because after gym class when I have gym class i do feel tired if i’m not already and feel obligated to do my best during my game because I feel obligated to do my best for my coach, and my team mates.

Many students would agree that having to participate in gym class on game day or even playing sports is a waste of energy and time. I know this because I have been a witness to student- athletes not giving their hundred percent.

I think this will help with the outcome of our sport teams because thee more energy they have for their games the better they will perform hopefully for their game. I know as an athlete it would make things alot easier not having to worry about participating in gym class and getting my full points for that class.

For example I know on the mile run if it seems like we don’t give a good effort according to the teachers we will have to re run the mile. I personally have had to run the mile in gym class while having a sporting event later that day I was tired and know that I didn’t perform to my best ability.

An solution to this could be having student-athletes only participate half the class at 50% if the school feels that student-athletes should still participate in gym class. Also I think this will take some stress off of student-athletes so they can only focus on their classes and game.These are some reasons why I think student-athletes shouldn’t have to participate in gym class.