Blood Drive 2018 Disappoints

Haley Daniels, Hershey Section Editor

Hershey High School held its annual blood drive on March 27, 2018. The drive had only 48 donors registered and just 33 donated on the day of the actual drive.

Hershey High School nurse Tara Blackburn believes the small number of people who actually donated was due to spring sports. Many had an event planned the day of the drive, but most were postponed, meaning more people could have had the opportunity to donate than actually did.

“We had a small number [of people donate] this year,” Blackburn said.

Last year, the drive was postponed due to weather challenges, but resulted in about 60-70 people donating in total.

HHS works with the Central PA Blood Bank every year to make this drive happen.

Blackburn said, “We’re hoping for a better year next year.”