Broadcaster Instagram: Kiss and Tell Project Kicks Off

Anna Levin and Elaina Joyner


(Broadcaster/Anna Levin)

Hershey High School sophomore Shea Tatara recently moved here from Elizabethtown. Shea said her parents wanted a smaller house and to live in the woods. She has an older brother and three German Shepherds. Laughing, Shea explained how about one of her dogs, Thor, got his name.

“Thor. We didn’t get to name him. I don’t like his name. It kinda embarrassing.”

Luckily, the transition to Hershey was made easier for Shea since her cousin, Kieran Holley is a senior at HHS this year.

Kieran described her cousin with a silly, but apt quote:  “I am awkward at first, but then when you get to know me, I’m still awkward.”

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