Hershey Triple Towers Come to Hersheypark

Carly Carrasco, Copy Editor

It’s not one ride, but three.

Hersheypark’s new Triple Tower ride will open this spring. This ride is the first of its kind in America because of the structure of three different heights. The Triple Tower will cost 8 million dollars.

Unlike the rides in the past, this attraction is made up of three towers: Kiss Tower, Reese’s Tower, and Hershey’s Tower. Each tower has a different height. According to Kathy Burrows, public relations manager for Hersheypark, the Hershey Triple Tower was made to create more ride variety in the park.

The Triple Tower has three separate towers that comprise the ride. The Kiss Tower is 89 feet. The Reese’s Tower, the second tallest tower, is 139 feet. The tallest tower, the Hershey’s tower, is 189 feet.

These three towers do not have a specific color; however, all are made of steel and have different themes. The testing of each ride will determine the height the guest must be to ride each tower.

The company S&S Worldwide, originating in Logan, Utah, is responsible for many aspects of Hersheypark. S&S Worldwide creates the blueprints, decides the new ride locations in the park, and builds of the new ride. S&S Worldwide built the Frog Hopper in 1999.

Hershey Triple Threat will be located near the entrance of ZooAmerica in Hersheypark. This was one of three different places that the ride could have been placed, according to Burrows.

According to Burrows, the decision to build the towers was ultimately decided by the Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company board of directors.

The three towers were built for ride diversity so not every attraction at Hersheypark is a rollercoaster and for the park to bring as many tourists as possible, according to Burrows.

Hersheypark announces the Triple Tower ready for opening this coming spring in April. The three towers projected cost is $8 million.