Hershey vs. LD Boys Soccer

Jenny Kim, Managing Editor

Hershey Loses Against LD in Boys Soccer

Josh DiPasquale (left) and Alex Mitrovic (right) run off the field to talk to their coaches on the Tuesday Hershey vs. LD soccer game. Both are seniors that are starters for the varsity game, showing their skills and speed against the LD players.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 the Hershey was defeated in a 2-0 boys soccer game against Lower Dauphin.

The first goal was made by Ryan Becher, midfield player number 6. Bechers goal was assisted by player number 2 Timmy Townsend, also midfield. The goal was scored during the first half.

Townsend made another goal for LD later in the first half, bringing the score up to 2-0. However, there were numerous times that the Hershey team would’ve made scoring goals for the night.

Although the Hershey team is devastated after another loss against LD, they hope to beat them in the future with practice and teamwork.

Quinn Tunnell kneels after coming off the field at the boys soccer game on Tuesday, September 27. Tunnell plays midfield for the varsity.

“All we need is practice,” said senior Chris Donegan, varsity soccer player.