Social Distancing, Self-Quarantine Can Slow Spread of COVID-19 Say Experts


Mia Bertoldi, Reporter

By: Mia Bertoldi

In light of the current outbreak of the coronavirus, practicing social distancing is essential to decreasing the spread of the virus.

Social distancing is the act of increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness.

COVID-19 quickly spreads due to its incubation period of two weeks, this allows more people to infect others without even seeing symptoms.  And many that are infected show no symptoms at all, according to the CDC.

As more events are being cancelled and more places of work and schools are temporarily shutting down, more people are taking this initiative to stay home.  Additionally, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf shuttered schools and all essential businesses in the Commonwealth.

All these precautions are beneficial to “flatten the curve” or slow the rate of the spread. This allows hospitals to have room, supplies and doctors for all of the patients who need care. 

This graphic for “Flattening the curve” visually shows the impact of various methods of stopping the spread of COVID-19. At present the curve in the United States is still on an upward trend. (Siouxsie Wiles,Toby Morris/CC BY-SA 4.0)

According to John Hopkins Medicine, some practices to adopt are:

  • Using standard hygiene and washing hands frequently
  • Not sharing things like towels and utensils
  • Staying at home
  • Not having visitors
  • Staying at least 6 feet away from other people in your household


Artist Juan Delcan illustrates the benefits of social distancing amidst the outbreak of the Coronavirus. (@Juan_Delcan)